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To Subscribe

follow these 3 steps!

Step 1: Click the “Subscribe” radio button to download the available plans

Step 2: Select the plan you want to subscribe

Step 3: Press the “Subscribe…” button to open the web page to enter your payment information

*Once TitaniumGP is installed, the first time you will automatically see the registration window as indicated in the document.

TitaniumGP Subscriptions registrarion page

You might get a message in windows 10 to indicate how you want to see this page, select the browser of your choice:

Next, on the payment page, you will have a chance to enter your bank information, the system will generate automatically the registration keys once the payment has been approved.

In order to Subscribe first, you need to Download the TitaniumGP that matches the version of GP in your system and install according to instructions.

*Cancel anytime, minimum subscription period is 30 days