The Button 

This feature allows you to review who is in the system and the amount of time users are on Dynamics GP (idle time). Lastly, it gives you access to see which batches are locked and the ability to release them. Here is how it works!

Firstly, open your TitaniumGP control desk by clicking the T icon in the taskbar. Once you are situated, click on The Button icon. A window will open. Click on the refresh button. In the first tab, you will see all the users currently using the system, their session ID, their logging time, and the SQL idle time.

In the second tab, you will see which documents are currently in use and who has them open in their system. This will allow you to have more control and be more in the know about who is working on what.

At the end of the window, in the last tab, you will see if they are logged in the DEX Lock, SY00800, or SY00801 table, and you can select which table you would like to release. This, of course, is a feature that is meant to be only accessed by the administrator.

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