TGP Safe

TPG Safe is an amazing tool that deals with the security of your system. It has many functions that can help you deal with the safety of your Dynamics GP system, for example

1: Who has access to a GP window

It lets you type in the name of any Dynamics GP Window. It tells you what user has access to that window and why, as it includes the user ID, the role name, the task ID, and the definition of the selected window.

2: What Role or Task ID does a window belongs to?

In this window, you can type in the name of a Dynamics GP window in the search bar. Once you click on the safe icon, you will be able to see who has access to that window, according to the roles and tasks assigned at a particular time.

3: What users have a Role or a Task ID?

This is used to identify all the users who have access to a particular task or role inside Dynamics GP, based on their security.

4: Who has access to 2 windows?

This window lets you visualize who has access to a particular window and can add a second one to your search. That way, you can see all the users who have access to both the windows you searched for and why. This is a great tool to identify and manage segregation of duties control.

5: Who opened and closed fiscal periods?

Once you define a particular year in the search bar, this function will tell you all the periods in the fiscal year, when they were closed, and who closed them.

6: Who is a power user?

After that function, we have the one that deals with Power Users. Here you can find who has access to be a power user for Dynamics GP within the company.

7: Security changes for a particular user

The next function allows you to review the security changes that have been made for a particular user. Here you can enter the user ID, and it will show you the changes that have been made as far as security is concerned for a specific user . This can also tell you why a user would have certain access or privileges inside DGP, and when they were made into effect.

8: All Security Changes

Allows you to view all the changes that have been done to the security of each individual user. It includes all the users inside the company, their actions, who added them, the entity description, and when they were added.

9: Security configuration changes

And finally, with security configuration changes, you will be able to see all the security changes you have made on TGP safe, the time stamp, and what aspects you have changed for each user and window

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