TGP Resources

TGP Resources lets you translate the names of the tables and possible values into English and convert that script information into SQL Statements. All of this makes it easier to write reports and better understand the structure of tables and fields! Here is how it works!

In the control desk, you will find the TGP Resources button; once you click it, it will come up with a window that will show you all the dictionaries of script and resources available for you to convert, if you don’t see them, it might mean you have already had them installed. However, if you have yet to install it, you can click the blue button.
This process will take up to ten minutes to complete. Still, once it is done, it will read all the available definitions and store them in a table for you in the Dynamics database.

In the search bar, you can type in a table name, and automatically, it will filter all the values. As soon as you click, it will show you the structure of that table where the first column would be the physical name, the second one will show you the display name of the actual field.
It will also show the data type or value type and translate it. If you click on the SQL button, it will automatically create a statement for you. Instead of showing the account index, it will allow you to see the data exactly how you want to see it in a report.

TGP Resources in action!

Step 1:

In the search box: enter either the table name or the physical name then click the blue physical name to see the details.

Step 2:

The system will display all the field names with display names, data type, and size, and the possible values.

Step 3:

Click the show SQL and the window will transform to show you a SQL Statement with translated names and possible values calculation, also converts account indexes to account numbers and names, and Note Indexes to text.

Step 4:

Press the Preview button to see a limited dataset using the new column names. Export to SQL and Create a SQL View, or copy the statement to the clipboard.

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