It is a light weight auditing tool that provides: Who modified what and when in the DYNAMICS or companies’ databases.
It is very simple to install and gives the flexibility to indicate which tables should be included, TitaniumGP even suggests where to start, and this includes the configuration tables, exchange rates, security, master data, etc.
In a single table per database, it records each INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE instructions sent to that table where this feature is activated.

How does it work:

When a table is being activated in TGP-Remember, the process first analyzes the column structure of the table and dynamically generates a trigger that will identify and record only the values of the columns that were changed, with this, the impact in the audit table is small and very manageable, each trigger is different per table and is encrypted.

Additional Tables

To prevent to unmanaged growth, there is a feature to create and schedule a SQL Job to erase old data, where the user can indicate the limits: by the number of days or by data table size.

This feature is not limited to the default GP tables, you can include any table from a third party as long as it is in the company database.
In order to add a specific table not included in the suggestion box, you will need to know the physical name of the table, for GP Tables, please use the look up field to identify tables registered in the dictionaries.

How to review the audit information?

There are at least 3 ways to review the audit results as follows:


If the installation has Elastic Windows activated, the user will be able to see the changes on that particular record, for example, once a customer is presented in the Customer Maintenance window, the user can see the changes to that card in the elastic window, who modified what and when.


The Audit table, can easily be added to SmartList using Smart Designer (Instructions available) where you can use the Search button to locate the desired information.


 Some sample SSRS reports are available to download (requires install, instructions available)

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