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Happy customers.

Allison, in Accounting, has to enter 75 lines of data from her Excel spreadsheet into a General Ledger Entry in Dynamics GP.
Her time is valuable, and entering the data manually would take at least an hour, while being prone to errors.

With TitaniumGP’s Copy and Paste, Allison can simply copy and paste the data from Excel directly into the General Ledger Entry window in Dynamics GP all at once.

Voila! Allison just saved herself an hour with TitaniumGP. Think of the time and errors Allison can save in a day, a week, or a year!



We are TitaniumGP and we bring happiness to Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

With an innovative suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, TitaniumGP helps companies get more done in less time by reducing manual tasks, eliminating errors, and enhancing the flexibility of Dynamics GP.

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