Download TitaniumGP

You’ve made it this far which means you’re about to get started using TitaniumGP.

Here’s how you get going:

  1. Verify what version of Dynamics GP you are running. Simply launch GP and look for the version number at the bottom left corner of the login window.
  2. Download the appropriate version of TitaniumGP from this site.
  3. Make sure you have access to the C:\Program Files (x86) Microsoft Dynamics folder to save the TitaniumGP DLL file in the AddIns folder.
  4. Have ‘sa’ or DYNSA user credentials in order to install the necessary components on your database server.
  5. Have your TitaniumGP product keys ready (you can get them here). Note, you can try out TitaniumGP in your Dynamics GP test environment (FabriKam) without product keys.

Remember to unblock the DLL once downloaded (right-click on the DLL file. Select ‘Properties’ and click on the ‘Unblock’ button).

Please refer to the instructions included in the download or contact our support for questions or assistance.