TGP Remote Control.


If you send an email to all users:

“Please log out of GP before you go home since we need to run Inventory Reconciliation tonight.

Sincerely, GP Admin”

You know the results! With TGP Remote Control, is exactly that, close windows or GP for users remotely, with a press of a button, (Uses File | Close Windows or File | Exit), if users do not have any unsaved transactions, the windows will be closed or GP will end nicely. And you can run Inventory Reconciliation without executing “creative” SQL statements. TGP Remote Control can tell you for how long their computer has been idle.

      Allows closing Dynamics GP sessions just like your TV Remote control.

Certain processes in Dynamics GP require exclusive access to some functions, this means no user should be in particular transactions or batches in order to execute. But at times, users might leave their workstation with GP sessions opened with an opened transaction preventing these processes to be executed. TGP Remote Control allows closing Dynamics GP sessions just like your TV Remote control.

The second function is the ability to unlock batches that have been marked for post when they didn’t finish processing or to remove the locks from DEX_LOCK, SY00800 and SY00801 for documents that got stranded. A great tool for a GP system administrator.

TitaniumGP tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
TitaniumGP tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

How does it work?

Communicates with each of all the other Dynamics GP sessions

TGP Remote Control communicates with each TGP Remote Control of all the other sessions and receives commands like: “Close all Windows” or “Close Dynamics GP”.

The Button” is the option to reset batch status when process got interrupted.

With TGP remote control you’re able to identify each Dynamics GP user’s Idle time

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Who can take advantage of this intelligent tool and how?


Dynamics GP administrators are the main users

GP system administrators are the main users of TGP Remote Control, it allows them to understand each client install, to see the versions of the modules installed, including modified dictionaries and to close inactive sessions to release locks that prevent other users or processes to execute.

TitaniumGP tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP

TitaniumGP Stories

TitaniumGP Stories TGP Remote Control

See how Ruth, the GP Manager, added joy in her work and life by using TGP Remote Control and being allowed to close dynamics GP sessions from remote  in the TitaniumGP Stories

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TGP Remote Control

How is it different from other products of the competition?


TGP Remote Control allows you to see the Dynamics GP Environment, workstation by workstation or in Terminal Server or in Citrix, check idle time, and has the ability for power users to close Dynamics GP Sessions when needed, other products close sessions on a particular time or when idle.

What do I need to install it?

It is part of the TitaniumGP Productivity Suite. If you have TitaniumGP, TGP Remote Control is installed, contact or go to to request a trial key

What do I need to know to use it?

You need to be a Dynamics GP power user and you need to press a button.