Search inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP


TitaniumGP Seach

An easier way to find customer, vendor, invoice and order information in Dynamics GP

TitaniumGP offers a new and simple way to search for related documents and to launch windows inside of Dynamics GP. Similar to a web search, you simply type in what you’re looking for and while typing, TitaniumGP will start output search results based on your search queries.

TitaniumGP Search makes it easy and time efficient to locate documents and information in Dynamics GP by allowing users to search by customer name, vendor name, invoice number, order number and purchase order information.

TitaniumGP Windows Launcher

TitaniumGP’s Search helps you easily launch windows inside of Dynamics GP with intuitive and easy to remember commands. For example, to launch the Customer Maintenance window simply type CSC* (Cards | Sales | Customer) and hit enter. For the Financial Account Window, hit CFA (Cards | Financial | Accounts) and so on (what are the most popular ones?).

With TitaniumGP Search you will save lots of time by being able to quickly and effectively navigate through the different Dynamics GP windows.


Click here for a full list of window launcher commands.


Click here for a full list of Dynamics GP modules and windows supported by TitaniumGP Search.

*CSD for Australia and UK implementations.

Search inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

Search for customer, vendor, invoice and order information from anywhere in Dynamics GP and launch GP windows with intuitive commands. TitaniumGP Search brings you all your data at your fingertips.

See How it Works

Meet Jeff, a Happy Dynamics GP User

Jeff, in Accounts Payables, receives a call from a customer who has a question regarding a three-month-old invoice.

Traditionally, Jeff would have to put the customer on a hold while trying to locate the right records in Dynamics GP. Sometimes, he’d even have to call the customer back if he was unable to locate what he needed.

With TitaniumGP’s Search, Jeff can type the invoice number in the search window, and pull up the desired invoice in seconds.

Jeff is able to quickly answer questions and resolve billing issues without keeping the customer waiting.

Who doesn’t want happy customers?