Save to Excel from Dynamics GP


TitaniumGP Save to Excel

Save your Dynamics GP data directly to an Excel spreadsheet

As the name implies, TitaniumGP’s Save to Excel allows you to easily save your Dynamics GP data to an Excel spreadsheet. Simply open a document in Dynamics GP, use the menu command “Save to Excel” and choose the path and file name for your document.

When saving a GP Journal Entry to Excel, TitaniumGP will automatically include the batch information pertinent to that entry, and should the currency in the journal entry be different from the originating currency TitaniumGP will automatically add the originating currency information as well as the exchange rate used to enter that information.

With TitaniumGP’s Save to Excel you can save the following Dynamics GP documents to an Excel spreadsheet:

  • Journal Entries
  • Inventory Transactions
  • Inventory Transfer

  • Purchase Order Entry
  • Receiving Transactions
  • Sales Order Entry


Click here for a full list of Dynamics GP modules and windows supported by TitaniumGP Save to Excel.

Save to Excel Screenshot

Save Dynamics GP transactions directly to Excel and eliminate the need for printing, scanning and snail-mailing documents.

See How it Works

Meet Pete, a Happy Dynamics GP User

Pete, in Purchasing, is in charge of generating and sending purchase orders to his company’s vendors.

Traditionally, Pete would create the purchase order, save it in Dynamics GP, print it and fax it to the vendor. In rare occasions, he would even have to snail-mail the purchase order if the vendor did not accept fax. Quite a tedious process.

With TitaniumGP’s Save to Excel, Pete can now save any purchase order directly to Excel and quickly email it to the vendor.

It’s simple, it’s easy and it saves Pete a heck of a lot of time.

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