TGP Password Reset


TGP Password Reset

Allow users to reset their own password

If a user forgets their password, well, they can call whoever is a Power User to reset it, if available. Or call the partner.

With a simple process, you can allow users to reset their own password when they forget it, and the user and the GP admin will receive an email with the new password.

Once TitaniumGP password reset has been installed, GP users will be able to check the option to “Remember user and password”.

If a GP user needs to reset the password, she just needs to check the box and a small window will popup with a code to type. Once the user inserts the code into the blank space, and click “email new password”, she will receive the new password into her mail once GP is closed.

The Setup

In order to habilitate the Password reset module, first, we must add each user email into the User Setup screen.


Second, in order to access the installation’s section, we need to press the TGP Password Reset button into the TitaniumGP Control Desk.

And finally, press the “Generate Password File” button that will process the encrypted password