Features in TitaniumGP

TitaniumGP is a suite of productivity tools designed specifically for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Regardless of industry and company size, TitaniumGP empowers Dynamics GP users to work more productively with easy to use functionality that helps eliminate manual and error-prone tasks. Take a look at our Dynamics GP tools.

Copy/Paste Between Dynamics GP and Excel

TitaniumGP provides a new and easy way to copy and paste data between Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Dynamics GP. This Dynamics GP tool automatically maps your data so you don’t have to worry about the order of your rows and columns. With TitaniumGP you can copy and paste an unlimited number of lines into more than 20 Dynamics GP windows.

Elastic Windows: Add Fields & Views to Dynamics GP

With TitaniumGP, customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP has never been easier. Now, you can easily add additional fields and views to your Dynamics GP system, simply by dragging and dropping your desired fields into your custom windows. The tool supports most SQL data types allowing you to add virtually any information you’d like, including product images, UNICODE fields, documents and additional notes.

TGP Remote Control

Certain processes in Dynamics GP require exclusive access to some functions, this means no user should be in particular transactions or batches in order to execute. But at times, users might leave their workstation with GP sessions opened with an opened transaction preventing these processes to be executed. TGP Remote Control allows closing Dynamics GP sessions just like your TV Remote control.

The second function is the ability to unlock batches that have been marked for post when they didn’t finish processing or to remove the locks from DEX_LOCK, SY00800 and SY00801 for documents that got stranded. A great tool for a GP system administrator.

TGP Remember

It is a light weight auditing tool that provides: Who modified what and when in the DYNAMICS or companies’ databases.
This Microsoft Dynamics GP tool is very simple to install and gives the flexibility to indicate which tables should be included, TitaniumGP even suggests where to start, and this includes the configuration tables, exchange rates, security, master data, etc.
In a single table per database, it records each INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE instructions sent to that table where this feature is activated.

Search inside of Dynamics GP

TitaniumGP brings web-search functionality inside of Dynamics GP with a free-floating search box that works across all open transaction and master data. Simply type what you’re looking for and launch your Dynamics GP windows directly from the search results.

Save Your Dynamics GP Data Directly to Excel

TitaniumGP’s Save to Excel, enables you to save Dynamics GP transactions directly to Excel with a click of a button. For example, when creating a purchase order, you can now save it directly to Excel and email it to your vendor immediately. No need for printing, faxing or snail-mailing.

Automatically Assign the Next ID

With TitaniumGP’s NextID you no longer have to spend time searching for the latest customer, prospect, vendor or inventory item ID. NextID automatically assigns the next available ID, helping you ensuring consistency and data integrity regardless of the number of concurrent Dynamics GP users.

TGP Password Reset: Allow users to reset their own password

If a user forgets their password, well, they can call whoever is a Power User to reset it, if available. Or call the partner.

With a simple process, you can allow users to reset their own password when they forget it, and the user and the GP admin will receive an email with the new password.

We are TitaniumGP and we bring happiness to Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

With an innovative suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, TitaniumGP helps companies get more done in less time by reducing manual tasks, eliminating errors, and enhancing the flexibility of Dynamics GP.

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