Customize Dynamics GP windows With TitaniumGP Elastic Windows

Add fields & business rules to Dynamics GP windows with simple SQL tables and views

With TitaniumGP’s Elastic Windows the opportunities for growing the functionality of a Dynamics GP window are endless. You can easily add new SQL fields of any  type to the Microsoft Dynamics GP window (including UNICODE), and add additional view information that automatically changes as you place the curser in different elements in the GP window.

Customize Dynamics GP windows

With its out-of-the-box drag and drop designer, Elastic Windows allows you to attach SQL tables, fields and views right into your Dynamics GP windows from both internal and external data sources.

Here are some typical fields/views that our customers have easily added using Elastic Windows:

Inventory across warehouses
Product images
eCommerce data
Vendor information
Additional customer data

In addition, TitaniumGP’s Elastic Windows makes it easy to add business rules and logic to check for predetermined condition inside of Dynamics GP. For example, you can use Elastic Windows to validate that prices have been entered and warehouse assignments created.

Customize Microsoft Dynamics GP to meet your unique business needs and challenges by easily adding SQL fields and views to over 50 different Dynamics GP windows.

See How it Works


Happy customers.

Adam, in Accounting, is responsible for setting up new vendors in Microsoft Dynamics GP and processing payments.

Traditionally, Adam would spend significant amounts of time keeping track of the vendor’s W9 forms which were stored outside of Dynamics GP. Every time he would process a payment he would have to manually locate the vendor’s W9 (if on file) before he could proceed.

With TitaniumGP’s Elastic Windows, Adam can now upload and access each vendor’s W9 directly from the Vendor Maintenance Window!

Needless to say, the volume of payments Adam can process in a day has gone up significantly since he started using TitaniumGP.

Interested in customizing Microsoft Dynamics GP to your needs?.”



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