Titanium GP Copy/Past between Excel and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Easily copy and paste data between Excel and Microsoft Dynamics GP

TitaniumGP’s Copy and Paste brings the ease of copy and paste into Microsoft Dynamics GP transactions while eliminating mundane and error-prone data entry.

Simply copy the data from your Excel spreadsheet and paste it into the desired Dynamics GP window. TitaniumGP will analyze the data you are pasting and will locate the right GP fields regardless of the order of the rows and columns in your Excel spreadsheet. Smart and simple templates.

Save lots of time when importing large amounts of data or amending existing data in Microsoft Dynamics GPJust Copy/paste between Excel and Microsoft Dynamics GP

With TitaniumGP you can easily import multiple detail lines into over 50 Dynamics GP windows, including:

Journal Entries                                     SOP Entry
          Purchase Orders                                 PM Transactions
                       Receivings                                             Inventory Transactions
       Inventory Transfer                              Inventory Kits


Copy data directly from Excel into Dynamics GP windows. TitaniumGP will map all your line details automatically. No manual data entry. No errors.

Step 1: Update your data in Excel. The ‘Action’ column will tell the system to update existing data rather than adding new information.

Step 2: Paste your updated data into the appropriate Dynamics GP window. That’s it!

Update Open Sales Documents and Open Master Data in Dynamics GP

A new and easy way to quickly bulk update existing data in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In addition to adding new data, TitaniumGP is a great tool for bulk updating existing information, such as master data and open sales documents, in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Rather than updating your Dynamics GP data line by line, order by order and batch by batch, TitaniumGP makes it fast and easy to modify your GP data in bulk. Simply update your data in Excel, copy the desired data and paste in into the appropriate Dynamics GP window. Based on your Excel data, the tool will automatically detect whether you are trying to add new or update existing information.

With TitaniumGP Copy/Paste you can quickly update all open sales documents and open master data, including:

  •  Sales Orders
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Customers
  • Customer Addresses
  • Items
  • Chart of Accounts

Common uses for bulk updating existing Microsoft Dynamics GP information include:

Sales Transaction Entry:

Bulk update batch IDs for a series of sales orders
Add tracking numbers and freight costs to multiple open sales orders
Update sales hierarchy such as sales reps and territories
Add user defined fields to any open sales document

Purchase Orders

Update purchase orders with vendors’ promised ship day to ensure up-to-date available to ship (ATS) reports

Master Data

Customer address clean up
Sales hierarchy reassignment in customer master
Chart of accounts clean up

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Happy customers.

Allison, in Accounting, has to enter 75 lines of data from her Excel spreadsheet into a General Ledger Entry in Dynamics GP.
Her time is valuable, and entering the data manually would take at least an hour, while being prone to errors.

With TitaniumGP’s Copy and Paste, Allison can simply copy and paste the data from Excel directly into the General Ledger Entry window in Dynamics GP all at once.

Voila! Allison just saved herself an hour with TitaniumGP. Think of the time and errors Allison can save in a day, a week, or a year!



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