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Happy customers.

Jenn, in Accounting, is responsible for setting up new customers in Dynamics GP. Her company is growing rapidly, adding around 50 new customers each day.

When setting up a new customer, Jenn spends significant amounts of time figuring out the most recently used customer ID, typically requiring her to launch SmartList in order to identify the next ID.

With TitaniumGP’s NextID, Jenn can automatically generate the next customer ID in seconds, saving her time and frustration. Think of the time and errors Jenn can save in a day, a week, or a year!”



We are TitaniumGP and we bring happiness to Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

With an innovative suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, TitaniumGP helps companies get more done in less time by reducing manual tasks, eliminating errors, and enhancing the flexibility of Dynamics GP.

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