We are TitaniumGP

Founded in 2012, TitaniumGP is a leading Independent Software Vendor (ISV), providing enhancement tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains). Our team consists of passionate Dynamics GP evangelists with several years of consulting experience, all driven by a desire to enhance the user experience and functionality of Dynamics GP.
We’re located in the heart of sunny San Diego, and when not in the office you can find us on the golf course, at the beach or at Petco Park cheering on the San Diego Padres.

History of TitaniumGP 

TitaniumGP came out of ideas from my consulting days that were gathered for many years and learning what the customers had a hard time with or what they would wish was available in GP… some of those ideas were very challenging, but still, I wanted to try, I knew it would require a lot of time. But I had a great job (always!) still, I checked my bank account, and then one day I decided it was the time.

So, I talked to my family about it (explained our future new choices of food and diet), and I gave out my resignation. I bought a new computer and started the prototyping and investigating if it was even feasible to do the copy/paste that could look and feel similar to Word or Excel, not something cumbersome that would give the wrong impression to the user.

I also wanted to use eConnect (the Microsoft integration API for Dynamics GP) and nothing else. Direct writing to the database was a big no-no and using the GP interface just won’t cut it, only because eConnect provided the functionality and it was much faster than typing or passing values to the user interface, even though there was good value doing it that way.

So, after a couple of months and several (felt like a trillion) tries of different methodologies on how to design it, one day just happened, the paste of data to the journal entry, and only the data lines was a reality. I was excited about it I wanted to start releasing it, getting a new marketing department, hiring a sales team, office, business cards, new car, restaurants…. and then I thought “What about the other user requests that are on the list?”, And I had a list …

There was one more feature that I wanted and was bugging me, the ability to (somehow) add fields to the GP Windows in a simple manner, simple to add and simple to report from, so Elastic Windows was born.

If you are a developer, you know it is not an easy task, adding fields to an existing window and connecting them to a table and sync to the GP window was complicated, and I was not sure how to do this, I knew that it was a hack I needed to make the GP window bigger and present the fields, and  not just to have additional fields,  but I wanted the ability to bring more functionality to these elastic windows, including adding business rules validation, SQL Views, SQL Tables, plugins, etc.

Elastic Windows was a feature that took a little longer to prototype than any other, for starters because it required interfacing to the operating system and request to alter the GP windows, which wasn’t an easy task at all.

When I believed it was ready to demo, I went with our friends at Rose Business Solutions and I showed the product to Linda Rose and team, her words and enthusiasm gave me a lot of confidence and encouraged me to continue enhancing it. Showed to more people and eventually there it was, I had a product in front of me.

That’s how it all started, listening to users and hiding for a few months in my house developing it. I am glad TitaniumGP has an office, now the family can park the cars in the garage.


We bring happiness to Microsoft Dynamics GP users

At TitaniumGP we consider it our finest task to improve the user experience of Microsoft Dynamics GP with innovative and easy-to-use productivity tools that allow users to get more done in less time. With TitaniumGP we strive to eliminate manual and error-prone tasks, allowing our customers to spend more time on meaningful and value-added work.

We employ a customer centric approach to ensure our ongoing development is addressing the most critical user needs and pain points.

What to Learn More about TitaniumGP and the Team Behind?
Swing by our office, shoot us a message or give us a call at 855.238.8739.

We are TitaniumGP and we bring happiness to Microsoft Dynamics GP users.

With an innovative suite of productivity tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, TitaniumGP helps companies get more done in less time by reducing manual tasks, eliminating errors, and enhancing the flexibility of Dynamics GP.

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