Updating open sales documents in Microsoft Dynamics GP can be quite the hassle. Traditionally, this will have to be done by manually modifying each open sales order, one at a time. Order by order. Line by line.

TitaniumGP provides a fast and efficient way to update open sales documents in Dynamics GP. Simply update your sales document data in Excel, copy your data, and paste it into the Sales Transaction Entry window in GP. It’s that easy! The tool is even able to roll down the updates to the detail lines, and it will recalculate tax and redistribute sales commission (if applicable) as part of the update. With TitaniumGP you can easily update over 45 different fields in the Dynamics GP Sales Transaction Entry window (see the full list here).

The video below demonstrates how to easily update open sales orders in Dynamics GP.


While the video demonstrates how to update open sales orders, TitaniumGP can be used to update all types of open sales documents (open quotes, sales orders, invoices, returns, backorders and fulfillment orders has never been easier) as well as all master data.

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