How to Copy and Paste Multiple Journal Entries from Excel to Microsoft Dynamics GP

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A recurring question from Dynamics GP users has been: “How do I copy and paste journal entries from Excel and into Dynamics GP?” Traditionally, this wasn’t an option with GP out of the box until Microsoft added the copy/paste functionality with the Dynamics GP 2013 R2 roll out. With this version (and later ones), users can now copy and paste a single journal entry from Excel to Dynamics GP.

However, there are some limitations with the native copy/paste functionality. For starters, the columns have to be in the exact order designated by Microsoft for the copy/paste to work. Secondly, this out-of-the-box feature does NOT allow users to copy and paste multiple journal entries.

In this blog, we’ll demonstrate how to easily copy/paste multiple journal entries from Excel to Dynamics GP with TitaniumGP’s copy/paste tool.

Step 1: Prepare Your Data in Excel and Copy it to Your Clipboard

As the screenshot below shows, we have prepared our journal entries in Excel, ready to be imported into Dynamics GP.

How to Copy Paste Multiple Journal Entries Dynamics GP Excel

Select your data in Excel and hit Ctrl + C or click the Copy icon.

Copy Data in Excel Paste in Dynamics GP

TitaniumGP will automatically analyze your column headings and row data and map the information to the correct fields in Dynamics GP. This means that you don’t have to worry about the order of your columns, nor do you have to use a designated template (but you certainly can).

Step 2: Paste Your Data into Dynamics GP

In the Dynamics GP Transaction Entry window, go to Additional >> Paste Lines (note, this option is only available with TitaniumGP installed). TitaniumGP will now paste your multiple journal entries into Dynamics GP.

Paste Excel Data in Dynamics GP

A confirmation screen will appear showing the journal entries created.

Copy Paste Multiple Journal Entries Dynamics GP

If we look up Journal Entry 3751 from our example above, we can see that the information has been successfully imported.

Excel Dynamics GP Copy Paste Multiple Journal Entries

With TitaniumGP it only takes a few minutes (if not seconds) to import hundreds of journal entries.

More than Journal Entries

TitaniumGP’s copy/paste tool goes beyond just journal entries, enabling you to easily copy and paste between Excel and over 20 different Dynamics GP windows, including Account Payables, Accounts Receivables, Inventory Transactions, Inventory Transfers, Item Maintenance, Price List, Sales Orders and Cash Receipts.

See the full list of supported Dynamics GP windows here.

Update Existing Dynamics GP Data

TitaniumGP’s copy/paste functionality can also be used to update existing information in Dynamics GP such as all master data and open sales documents (sales orders, quotes, invoices, returns, backorders and fulfillment orders). Simply, update your data in Excel and copy/paste the information in Dynamics GP. Based on your Excel data, the tool will automatically update existing information rather than creating new entries.

Click here to see details on how to update Dynamics GP data with TitaniumGP’s copy/paste tool.

Please contact us for more information about copy/paste between Excel and Dynamics GP.

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