We Bring Happiness to Microsoft Dynamics GP Users

TitaniumGP is an affordable productivity suite consisting of time reducing and frustration eliminating tools designed to help Dynamics GP users become more productive by reducing manual tasks and enhancing the flexibility of Dynamics GP.

TitaniumGP allows you to copy/paste from Excel directly into Dynamics GP windows, save transactions to Excel from Dynamics GP, add fields and views to GP windows, easily search for customers, vendors and invoices inside of GP and automatically determine the next customer, prospect, vendor or item ID.

Copy and Paste

Copy/paste unlimited amounts of data between Microsoft Excel and Dynamics GP in no time.

Build Business Rules & Logic

Automatically check for predetermined conditions such as credit lines and quantities available.

Validate Address Records

Automatically validate and amend customer and vendor addresses inside of Dynamics GP.

Add Fields to Dynamics GP Windows

Increase the functionality of GP by easily adding new fields of any SQL type to your GP windows.

Search inside Dynamics GP

Find exactly what you’re looking for in no time with TitaniumGP’s web-like search functionality.

Track Changes in Dynamics GP

Easily track changes, including user information and date/time.

Incorporate Unicode Data in Dynamics GP

TitaniumGP supports Unicode so you can add any character set you’d like.

Quickly Launch GP Windows

Use intuitive commands to easily launch and navigate between Dynamics GP windows.

Assign the Next ID

Automatically determine the next customer, prospect, vendor or inventory item ID.

And Counting

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a happy customer sums it up

"Just yesterday we had 37 special invoices, a combo of resale, with tax, credit memos, and special coding invoices. This would normally take me over an hour to input. As you know, 37 invoices took about 15 seconds. And all the taxes came out exact! That was fun."

Guy Belsey
 Account Receivables Manager

Emerald Textiles


Top 5 Benefits of TitaniumGP

Save countless of hours every day

Eliminate mundane and time-consuming data entry and spend your time on meaningful and value-added work.

Eliminate errors

By eliminating error-prone and manual tasks, TitaniumGP helps you reduce errors.

Enhance the flexibility of Dynamics GP

Add fields and views to accomodate your unique business needs and make Dynamics GP work the way you do.

Ensure Data Integrity

TitaniumGP helps you ensure consistency and data integrity throughout your Dynamics GP system regardless of the number of users.

Boost Productivity

Empower your Dynamics GP users to get more done in less time, thus increasing productivity, employee satisfaction and profits.

Get up and running in 15 minutes

TitaniumGP comes as a one file install and takes less than 15 minutes to set up. Simply download TitaniumGP, upload the install file to Dynamics GP and voila!


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